środa, 31 sierpnia 2016

520! Evenlope wedding card DIY / Kurs na kopertówkę

Today I will show You how in easy way make evenlope card for wedding ( card for money).

You will need / Нам понадобятся:

At first, cut the papier and match each colours.
You have to keep in mind that each successive piece of paper must be smaller than the previous one.
Prepare cover. I've used the punch Martha Stewart. My cover consists of two layers.
Now mount manes.
  I love these little ones ! You do not need a ribbon or string to close our evenlope. 
Be sure to put both parts in the correct distance. You can use glue. 
Now prepare a pocket for banknotes, you can use the circle puch.
We change somewhat the appearance of our paper :-)  
We use this stamp, ink, tape, washi tape.
When our pattern formed by the texture paste dries, we can stick the diecut.
We prepare a place for typing wishes for the newlyweds;

The best part of my job: cut leaves to our bouquet
It's time to glue each piece:
Maybe I'll add some beads:
And some twine....
Finished !  
Thank You, Ewelina KoliberArt.